How often do you take your drainage and plumbing systems for granted? Your drainage system is probably one of the most hardworking structures in your home which ensures that you enjoy a clean, dry, and healthy environment to live in. Because these structures are usually out of sight you often forget how to provide regular maintenance in order to keep these working efficiently at all times. It is only when you encounter a problem such as a clogged drain that you become more aware of its importance. It is every homeowner’s responsibility to know and identify a clogged drain, what causes it, and how to prevent these problems from happening! There are several types of solutions which can be done in order to address this problem. As much as possible, homeowners should be prepared and know what to do when faced with the worst drainage problems. If the problem seems serious, call a professional plumber such as Plumber Coral Springs at (954) 344-2530 to help solve your plumbing problems!

Identify What’s Causing Clogged Drains

Ideally, the best way to prevent clogged drains from happening is to identify the source of the problem long before it happens. Taking a shower every day and using the toilet or the kitchen sink may one day lead to drainage problems especially if you don’t take precautionary measures to prevent clogging them up. It is best to address the slightest problems once you see it developing. Clogs usually start small and dealing with this problem then will help save you from severe drainage problems which can become too complicated to handle. The most common sign that a drain is starting to clog up is when it begins to drain slowly. Let this be your warning to immediately address this problem and not let the situation get worse!

The Main Causes of Clogged Drains

Any drainage system whether residential or commercial will suffer inevitably from blockage especially with regular use. The most common causes of drainage blockage in the kitchen sink are grease and food particles. Toilets and rest rooms on the other hand can usually clog up due to bad toilet paper quality and hair. Other common causes of drainage problems include leaves, litter, and silt. When all these materials are left to build up overtime expect to suffer a drainage problem. When your drainage system is blocked by any of these various elements, water cannot flow through the drain and will end up filling up the pipes. This will result in flooding. The sources of clogged drains may include the toilet, washing machine, bath, and kitchen among others. It is a good idea to have a maintenance program with a professional plumber like Plumber Coral Springs  to catch these issues before they become a big problem!

How To Prevent Clogged Drains

Proper maintenance is critical in preventing the occurrence of drainage system blockage. Although professional drainage maintenance service is ideal, you can also help prevent the frequency of drainage problems by following several proper drainage practices. When using the kitchen sink avoid disposing grease down the drain. Expect the grease to harden especially when coupled with low temperature. The accumulation of hardened grease inside the pipe will ultimately result to clogging. If you are using a garbage disposal then it is important to flush all the crushed food particles with water so that these will not stick to the pipe. The bathroom sinks are most often the cause of a drainage problem. To prevent this, always used drain strainers. These will help filter any hair and other materials from getting into the drain thus preventing blockage. A clogged up toilet is often the most disgusting drainage problem which homeowners hate to encounter. In order to avoid this never throw anything in the toilet that is not considered flushable. Do not throw any kind of wipes into the toilet; only toilet paper.

Finally, there are several ways to treat clogged drains. For minor drainage problems you can address the issue with DIY fixes. Usually when the problem is just beginning you can fix this using basic do it yourself methods. A plunger is the most commonly used tool in order to solve clogged drains and plumbing problems. A chemical drain cleaner will also help loosen up the accumulated solid materials and resolve the problem. When DIY fixes don’t work, consider the help of professional plumbers, like Plumber Coral Springs. There are modern drain cleaning methods used by professionals which include the hydro jet and the electro mechanical cleaning methods. The hydro jet or the high pressure water jetting will help eradicate materials which have solidified and accumulated on the drainage system over the years. This process removes deposits and blast away blockages found in your property’s piping system. The electro mechanical cleaning on the other hand is done mainly to unblock smaller pipes like those found in toilets and sinks. Various attachments are used in order to manually remove debris and other foreign objects which cause drain clogging. When you have a clogged drain or toilet, give us a call at (954) 344-2530. We at Plumber Coral Springs  want to help you with all of your plumbing needs!

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