Should You ‘GO GREEN’ With Your Home Plumbing?

You may be wondering what is “Green Plumbing” exactly? The term “Green Plumbing” could actually mean the material used in plumbing, ecologically friendly water conservation, or in fact, a plumbing/water usage lifestyle conservation program. However it is used, Green Plumbing is an exciting idea and it is our obligation…

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Your Water Pressure Can Cause You Problems

Water pressure in homes is often determined by the water pressure preset by the Coral Springs Water Department. Water pressure usually occurs on different values of either low, normal or high. Low pressure is when the pound per square inch of the supplied water is less than seventy five while high pressure is when pound per square…

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What to Do When Your Drain Clogs

How often do you take your drainage and plumbing systems for granted? Your drainage system is probably one of the most hardworking structures in your home which ensures that you enjoy a clean, dry, and healthy environment to live in. Because these structures are usually out of sight you often forget how to provide regular…

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Are You Ready for These 3 Home Plumbing

Whether your home is fairly new in Coral Springs, or whether you own an older home, there are going to be some home plumbing problems which you will experience. Unfortunately, they always seem to occur at the worst possible time! So, learning what the most common problems are, what the possible root problem may be, and learning…

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How To Fix a Running Toilet

Remember a toilet that is constantly running is wasting a tremendous amount of water. It could literally increase your water bill by 50 – 100%! If tinkering with the flapper and the float arm still does not fix your running toilet problem…it’s time to call the plumbing professional! Fixing a running toilet sometimes just…

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Choosing the Right Water Heater

Most people simply buy a hot water heater with the sole aim of ensuring that all of their hot water needs, like a nice, hot, shower, are comfortably met. When seeking out a new hot water solution, the main things to consider are capacity and size. While this makes sense, it is important to note that deciding on a new water heating…

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