Whether your home is fairly new in Coral Springs, or whether you own an older home, there are going to be some home plumbing problems which you will experience. Unfortunately, they always seem to occur at the worst possible time! So, learning what the most common problems are, what the possible root problem may be, and learning the possible solutions for these home plumbing problems, are some smart steps a home owner should take, in order to ensure they know how to deal with these issues. Of course, you can always call Plumber Coral Springs at (954) 344-2530 to quickly and easily fix the problem!


One of the most common home plumbing problems is when the home owner notices a lack of hot water. No matter what the age of the home is, and whether you just moved in or whether you have been living in the home for years, this is a very common problem, which is most likely associated with the hot water heater in the home. There are several issues which can cause the hot water heater to break down, but the most common issue is buildup of calcium deposits in the drip tray, and around the heater in general. Due to the high buildup in calcium, this is going to restrict hot water flow, and will greatly reduce the amount of hot water the home owners are going to get. Regardless of the size of the heater.

One simple fix, especially if the heater is fairly new, is to replace the heating elements (where the water flows from). This can either be done by you, the home owner, if you have the proper tools, and know how to do the job, or it can be performed by professionals at Plumber Coral Springs.


Another one of the most common home plumbing problems is faucet leaks. These can either be in the bathroom, kitchen area, laundry room, or in other rooms in your home. In many instances, this is going to be a quick fix, and by simply replacing the broken, damaged, or old seals in the handles, you are going to find that the leaks should cease almost instantly. The simplest fix for this problem is to take apart the faucet, and to have the seals replaced, in the area that it is leaking, or where it has greatly been worn down due to several years of use. This is a fairly simple job to do, and does not require many tools, so long as you remember the right direction and position of where you removed the seal from, in order to be able to properly replace it when they are done with the repair or replacement job. Don’t forget to turn the water supply off to the area before starting!


Another issue, and one of the most problematic home plumbing problems, can be a backed up or clogged toilet (especially if it is an upstairs bathroom, which can quickly lead to flooring damage, water damage, and various other issues). The problem needs to be taken care of almost immediately upon the home owners finding out about the clog or the issue with the toilets. If it is a small clog, you may want to try and use a plunger to see if you can do the work yourself. Many times this will unblock the toilet. But, if it is something fairly deep, or a bigger problem, contacting a professional plumber, like Plumber Coral Springs, rather than trying to fix the problem yourself, is something you are going to want to strongly consider. The sooner you can get a plumbing company in the home…the better!

There are also some other annoying home plumbing problems such as low pressure when you flush the toilet (which can be as simple as adjusting the float tank, or can be a sign of something more serious), leaks at the base of the toilet, or any other small leaks or damage around the toilet. No matter what the issue is, when it comes to the toilet, it is wise to call a professional, just to be sure you do not make things worse, and to ensure the problem is properly dealt with the first time around, to avoid higher costs for something you may have damaged if you tried to repair it yourself. We would love to help you with all of your plumbing needs! Give us a call at (954) 344-2530. When you are hassled by plumbing problems, let Plumber Coral Springs fix the problem for you!

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